Mission 1 – Tell us about Iron Man

Welcome year 1 – This is a message from SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate). We have your first mission and the mission is – TELL USABOUT IRON MAN! We want to know who this IRON MAN character is? Where he comes from? What is his past and can we trust him?

Go ahead agents – dig up the dirt!

51 thoughts on “Mission 1 – Tell us about Iron Man

  1. Tony Stark is Iron Man. He is very rich, and owns STARK ENTERPRISES. Iron Man is an armoured suit that is powered by Tony Starks Arc Generator which is in Tony’s chest. This Arc generator also powers the Iron Man weapons in Iron Man’s hands and his chest which is called the unibeam.

  2. Tony Stark controls the onboard system of his iron man armor with brain wave’s. Tony uses his money and intelligence to make a safer world. He has a girlfriend called Pepper which he love’s alot.

  3. Iron man saves the world. He is a Marvel character. He shoots rapolsors from his hands. He has a unibeam on his chest. His real name is Tony Stark. He works for Stark industries. He has more than $1,000,000,000. He has friend called Jim Rhodes. Jim Rhodes has also has an amour of his own called War Machine from Iron Man 2. In the first Iron man movie, he fights the Iron Monger. He take the same technology as stark industries. In the second movie, he fights Wipslash, he had electric wips. Same as the first on, He stole his tech.

  4. his name is Tony Stark he is a genius and his parents died in a plane crash. He gets his dads company. He has a shiny suit which is red and gold.

  5. Ironman is a billionaire.
    Ironman is a fictional character a superhero who appears in a comic book published by marvel comics.
    Throughout most characters publication history.
    Ironman has been a member of the superhero team The Avengers.
    By Raihid

  6. Iron man has the strength of 1000 horses and his muscles are magnetic. He has rust-free body armour to protect him from evil forces.

  7. his real name is called anthony tony shark his identety is a sercret his operation was
    in washinton and his firts apperace was in tales of suspence iieght 6 ft 1 in weit 185 lbs and eyes blue and hair black.

  8. He is tony stark, he has got strong armour, he can fly, he had a mum and a dad. He was captured by baddies but escaped as iron man.

  9. Iron Man is cool and he has $100000000. and he can fly. and he has magic powers. and he is strong. and he is cool cool cool cool cool col cool

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