7 thoughts on “Favourite book

  1. my favourite book is handbag friends because I like the pictures and the scary monster called clasp, I like the shape of the book because it is a handbag.

  2. I love to read poetry books by Micheal Rosen because they make me laugh. I have one called ‘Quick, lets get out of here,’ that has poems about a toddler called Eddie, who hates having his nappy changed because the happy cream is so cold, it is like having an ice lolly down his pants!

  3. Well my favorite book is BILLYS BUCKET its the best story ever!! Its soo exciting and imaginative. I like the fact that Billy only wants a bucket for his birthday which is a very unusual present indeed but to Billy its something he really wants and not just any old bucket a special one in particular. When he gets his bucket he warns his mum and dad not to touch it because he sees lots of unusual things in his bucket and he tells his mum and dad NEVER EVER TO BORROW IT! But they dont listen, his dad uses it to wash his car and gets the shock of his life. It just goes to show that Parents Must Listen to their CHILDREN. the illustrations are amazing in it to. I MISS READING THIS BOOK TO YOU ALL and i heard from Mrs Roberts that you have been looking and reading at it in class too.

  4. Hi it is Zofia
    My favourite book is Little Red Riding Hood. I like it because there is wolf who wanted to eat Little Red Riding Hood and grandma. Then the hunter came in and helped them! I was scared but I like it anyway!

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