What is your favourite Fairy Story?

In Literacy this term we are looking at Traditional Tales. We will be using story book language and re-telling using different voices. It would be wonderful if you could read or tell stories that you like and remember.

Here are 3 questions we would like your child to answer.

1. What is your favourite fairy tale?

2. Why do you like it?

3. Who is your favourite character and why do you like them?

27 thoughts on “What is your favourite Fairy Story?

  1. I like Jack and the Beanstalk. I love it when Jack is being chased because I always think he might get caught by the giant. Luckily, Jack manages to chop the beanstalk just at the right time. The cow is my favourite character because cows remind me of my holidays on a real farm with real cows. We even drank the milk from the cows!

    • I must say I like Jack and the Beanstalk too and I kinda feel sorry for the Giant. All he needs is a good group of friends to show him how to be kind to people and share his gold!

  2. I have two favorite fairy tails my first is Alice in wonderland because I like all the different characters and that Alice goes through different doors when she falls down the hole. My favorite character is the white rabbit. My second favorite is Rapunzel I like this story because she is a princess and se rides a horse ad she like to play with her chameleon, my favorite character is Rapunzel as she has really long hair.

    • Madison I had forgotton all about Rapunzel and I love that story too.
      My favourite is The Elves and the Shoe Maker because I like to think there are really some elves or fairies living near me that help out when no one is looking!

      • I BELIEVE TOO! Fairies and Elves are real, its a shame we couldnt shrink down and enjoy a few adventures with them – so secretive they are.

  3. There are so many and I like them all! The scary ones are the best and I like the hero’s that always triumph in the end!

  4. I love fairy tales because it reminds of when I was little and I can imagine what it would be like to be one of the characters. I find it hard to pick a favourite but I do like it when there is a happy ending. Beauty and the beast is one that I love because Bell is so kind.

    • Oh me too Fairies are the best, they are so delicate and kind. Mrs Crane we are all Young at heart. Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful love story and is timeless. Good choices. :-)

  5. I Love THE FAIRY CHRONICLES by J H Sweet these are a collection of books based on many different charachters who experience different types of adventures meeting many unusal creatures such as elves, gargoles, dwarfs, gremlins, dragons and many more. The artwork in the books is classical and takes you into a dreamy world. You can really let your imagination run wild and pretend you are the fairy living these adventures! I have read the paper books with Kira and also have the e-books and use my ipad to go online where you can have a peek at some of the adventures all the fairies by looking at free chapters of some of the books. There are online adventures, handbooks, you can meet all the fairies and look at their profiles, its a whole family adventure and best of all they are here to protect us humans – how cool is that! Take a look online at http://www.thefairychronicles.com. I cant choose a book because all of them are amazing!!

  6. Well I wrote an amazingly long blog yesterday but it didn’t go through so I’m going to sum it up very quickly again.

    I love reading the books by J H sweet who writes The Fairy Chronicles which is an amazing collection of stories about fairies and their wonderful adventures they meet lots of characters such as gargoyles, ogres, wild animals, witches, trolls and gremlins too. The books all link together and the amazing thing is you can get a real feel of the fairies lives by looking at their fairy profiles on line. You boys can enjoy reading or listening to these books too as there are good and evil parts in them!

    Take a look online at http://www.fairychronicles.com I read the paper versions with Kira and also the apps online too. There are free chapters you can sample to see if you would enjoy them. You can meet the fairies from all the stories and learn what their personalities are like – see if they are just like you! There are online games, colouring pages, arts, e-cards to send to your friends and a fairy handbook it’s free.

    Take a peek. Mums and dads can help you browse through the pages, talk about what’s happening in the lovely classical illustrated pictures.


  7. Mohamed likes the 3 little pigs because he finds it funny when the fox burns his tail. Mohamed’s favourite character is the wolf because he finds him very scary.

  8. My favourite story is the gruffalo. I like this story because it has interesting animals.I don’t like the gruffalo because he scary and I really don’t like it when he says to the mouse “oh I would like to gobble you up for lunch.”

  9. My favourite fairy tale is repunzel she is my favourite character I like her because she has magical hair she lets her hair down to let people climb up and into the high tower that she lives in

  10. My favourite fairy tale is The Little Red Riding Hood. I like it because the fox was being cheeky and pretended to be grandma. My favourite character is the wolf.

  11. My favourite fairy tale is The Elves And The Shoemaker. I like it because the elves help the shoemaker. And because it is interesting. My favourite character is the shoemaker’s wife.

  12. My favourite fairy tale is The Little Red Riding Hood. I like it because the wolf was being cheeky and pretended to be grandma. My favourite character in the story is the wolf because he is funny.

  13. I have 2 story’s one is rupunsle and the second one is Alice and wonder land I piced them because it magical and funny and rupunsle I like her because of her hair it sparkles .

  14. My favourite fairy tale is Rapunzel becouse she have long hair and she can brush her hair and pull up her mum! She also has a funny chameleon!

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