Material Monster

In Science, we have been exploring materials like, wood, metal, glass, wool, plastic and paper. Draw or make a Material Monster from junk and tell me all about it.

19 thoughts on “Material Monster

  1. My material monster is called Paperchops. She has twelve plastic straw fingers to scratch people with. She has six glass eyes that turn red when she is angry.
    Her hair is made from soggy green wool with metal spiders that crawl around in it. She loves to eat shiny metal buses and when she burps, it smells like a burning fire!

  2. my material monster is a flying magic robot called razle, it is a girl, shee is a nise robot and flis a round making every one happy.

    how i made my robot;
    i covered a tissue box with foil and used green tissue paper for hair, i stuk on 2 eyes and painted a blue nose and a red happy mouth, for arms i used silver card and cut 5 slits for her fingers.

  3. My monster is called Violet.She has a bottletop for her head,spoons for her arms,a box for her belly and spaghetti and conkers for her legs and feet.Her hair is made of straw.She likes to dance and her favourite meal is beans on toast.

  4. My material monster is called Ashton. Ashton has plastic springy silver hair made from tin foil. His body is made from a brown cardboard box. He has white paper legs, 2 bottle top eyes, bendy plastic orange straw arms.

    My material monster is friendly.and is kind to people, tells funny jokes.

  5. my material monster has ten legs and one finger and hand she is purple with green spots and orange spikey hair and her claws are black and pointy and her name is monster claws she likes to go out for a walk all the time and she lives in the jungle she likes to eat leaves and flowers she is mean when she is tired and hungry and she sleeps in a cot

    • She sounds rather like the bad-tempered, starving Troll who wants to eat the three Billy Goats Gruff. Are they brother and sister?

  6. Our material monster is called Rosie-petal. She has a large plastic body and the ears are made of metal spoons. Its arms are made from plastic straws and its legs are made with twigs and it has large eyes.

    Rosie-petal can be both friendly and mean.

  7. my robot is a mistee robot and he is priclee on his bac va ra mad owt of sbetee bits and rits up green peesis of tichoow paper for its hair. my robot is sparcley. my robot is silee evree wer and hee is a streelee chi of sjajoos.hee is goob at teling jocs his ferfroot joc is the anmls joc.

  8. Wow! I love the sound of these monsters you really have been inventive and investigated materials well. I do hope I get to see some of them.

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