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Welcome agents of Shield. You have now had your first Shield session and now we are presenting you with your first mission. The mission is about YOUR FAVOURITE GAME. You will learn how to:

  • Blog a post.
  • Answer someone else’s post.
  • Develop your typing and writing skills.

How to succeed in your mission:

  • Choose a game that you are passionate about and have played often.
  • Tell us why you like playing the game and a bit about how to play the game.
  • Look at other peoples posts and tell them what you think of the games that they have chosen.

You have a WEEK to do this session and the due date is WEDNESDAY 4th FEBRUARY!

Good luck Agents of Shield!


  1. There are so many games that I like that to pick just one is very difficult. I have gone for Myst. Myst is a graphic adventure puzzle video game designed and directed by the brothers Robyn and Rand Miller. It was developed by Cyan. The Millers began working on Myst in 1991 and released it for the Macintosh on September 24, 1993.
    Myst puts the player in the role of the Stranger, who uses a special book to travel to the island of Myst. There, the player uses other special books written by an artisan and explorer named Atrus to travel to several worlds known as “Ages”. Clues found in each of these Ages help to reveal the back-story of the game’s characters. The game has several endings, depending on the course of action the player takes.

    The reason I really liked this game was that it was so different and you really had to think hard to complete it. There were puzzles everywhere – the whole island was a puzzle. I played part 2 and 3 but none of them matched the wonder of the first one!

  2. the game i have chosen is minion rush. i play it a lot on the ipad and i am very good. i like playing this game because it is very fun , you have to collect different fruit on each level by running and jumping over things. once you have collected all of the bananas you can get a different minion.

  3. My favourite game is my little pony because it is very adventurous and very active you dance as an equestrian girl and get new characters.
    Next you collect coins in the gem mine underground place then you collect gem from princess celestia.
    Move to canterlot to have magic lesson with princess celestia,luna and cadence.
    You have to tap the bread or pie,flour and cherry markers so you collect stars,money,gems and element of harmony. When you go to balloon pop game you more money and element of harmony.

  4. my faverot game is super mario brothers 2 because the boss fights are fun and i like the outside levols.my faverot caracter is Yoshi as he is cute like me!The koopas are easy to defeet and i find it funy when i kill all of the baddis as they think theyr cool when they are just smelly tutls!They fink they can mess with me!That is not happening HA!

  5. My favourite game is mine craft I play this on the iPad. It has shooting in and you can move around. I play with my brother.

  6. I really enjoy playing Ice Age Adventures on my tablet, you have to rescue animals and build them homes. You collect berries and shells, sometimes you even get big clamshells, my favourite part is rescuing the animals you have to find love hearts to do this.

  7. My favourite games is called Dragon City, in this game you can buy buildings, habitats, dragons, decorations. You can also breed and hatch dragons, to feed them you need to grow dragon food. As you feed them they will grow and give you coins to buy more things, you also have different goals to do to be able to move up levels, also you can earn gems, food and gold. Once you finished a goal you may be lucky enough to get 1,000 coins, 5 gems and 25 gold bars. I am on level 34, I sometimes play it with Reece and Emma, we can send each other gifts.

  8. I’m really loving Skylanders Swap Force at the moment. It has really good characters and lots of amazing places to visit. I like the fact that the characters can be swapped around so that you can combine different skills. I also like that it is based around the elements.

    This is a good game to play with a friend – I play with my daughter! We have to work together to complete tasks which makes it more of a challenge because you have to stick together. I like the story surrounding the game and the graphics are awesome.

  9. My favorite gcame is frozen fashion becouse you can dress a prin ces any dress
    you like.I also like solving puzzles.I also like playing memory games.

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