Welcome Shield agents to Mission 3!

This mission is all about coding. This is how to complete the mission.

1) Go to www.purplemash.co.uk/sch/lings

2) Go to the programme called 2code.

3) Start with the Fish Tank game and move up from there!

4) Each challenge will have four levels. The first two levels will be challenges for you to code. The next one will be how can you change someone else’s code. The fourth one is a free code challenge which you have to decide yourself if you have passed.

5) The fourth challenge will not say you have passed something – you decide! If you think you have then press the stop button and go back to the main screen.

6) Try this link for more information:


7) Remember if you get stuck there is an Info screen and a Hint screen. If you are still stuck then blog your question and someone will get back to you!

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