#NPATEK Owenza – The adventurer

#NPATEK What an exciting day! A package has come in to school that explains that we are going on an adventure. It has asked us to research great adventurers, decide what a great adventurer would wear, what they would have in their backpack and where would they go. It also talked about Africa and asked us to find out about the animals and wildlife that live there. So come on then – tell us what you have found out and let the Adventure begin!

Please start your response with #NPATEK so that others can follow your journey!

33 thoughts on “#NPATEK Owenza – The adventurer

  1. I was born in Zimbabwe, which is in South Africa. The words that were written on the parchment were in Zulu so I can understand them.

  2. I don’t know Darcy. It must have been a great adventurer because there are some really interesting things in the pack.

  3. on monday afternoon a power shoot laned in a tree. and there wasa diree in the pacige and a rope and was a mesige in the power shoot paige.

  4. on monday afternoon it was an exciting afternoon because a parachute landed in the tree. In the back pack was a rope and some statues and a message in it. and i didnt understand some of the words .

  5. On monday afternoon a parachute was in the tree in the school there was a backpack attchaced to it ,In the backpack there was some statues and a rope a diary a map and a torch and some binoculers and there was a telescope and there was a message in funny writing and i couldnt understand some of the silly writing .

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